Some important things to remember while writing a holiday marketing email

Holiday email

Holidays are here, the time to share love and create memories, hence, more and more people are going to shop online. It’s time for businesses to make sales happen, and what can be more effective than email marketing, a marketing channel trusted by experts. Well, businesses are well aware of the effectiveness and benefits of … Read more

Email marketing tips: How to keep your readers engaged?

Email marketing

Email marketing works wonders, and there is no two ways about it. From SMBs to Fortune 500 companies, every business knows the significance of email marketing, it is a key part of the email marketing strategy of many businesses. But, it is a fact that not every business is utilizing email marketing to its full … Read more

Targeted mailing list: Take eCommerce email marketing to new heights

Email marketing is going strong and online marketers are well aware of the benefits this amazing marketing channel has to offer. In terms of effectiveness, email marketing beats various other ways of digital marketing, making it the perfect choice for SMBs to Fortune 500 companies to promote their business online. However, there are numerous factors … Read more

Email marketing best practices: Make the most out of your email campaign

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So, now when you have your email list ready, you have so many readers, you have the right tools as well as an SMTP server for bulk email marketing, but the only that you need now is to increase the engagement. More than 59% of marketers believe that email marketing offers the best ROI, and … Read more

Top email marketing metrics that can help you measure results

SMTP server for bulk emails

One of the most common yet highly effective ways of marketing- email marketing is utilized by businesses of all types and sizes. In our previous blog, we have already discussed common mistakes that email marketers make, and if you are among those marketers who are not deriving the results that you are looking for, then … Read more

4 step email marketing strategy for small businesses

Email marketing tips

When it comes to email marketing, small and mid-sized businesses face a completely different kind of challenge. Of course, email marketing has the potential to build a brand, strengthen customer relationships, and boost ROI, given that email marketing needs to be done right. Some businesses may assume that email marketing isn’t very effective, or it … Read more

How emojis can help in boosting email clicks and open rates?

Emoji in email

If you are doing email marketing with all your efforts, the right design and content, you have an SMTP server for bulk emails in place, and if it’s not resulting in opens and clicks, something needs to be done. When we talk about email marketing, it’s more than just sending emails in bulk, it’s a … Read more

Some common email marketing mistakes to avoid

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Can you imagine the consequences of making any mistake in today’s highly competitive business world? Yes, even the smallest of mistakes can prove to be costly, can bring your business to a halt. Especially, when you are doing some business activities with a lot of investment, every step needs to be taken carefully, and investing … Read more