Top email marketing metrics that can help you measure results

One of the most common yet highly effective ways of marketing- email marketing is utilized by businesses of all types and sizes. In our previous blog, we have already discussed common mistakes that email marketers make, and if you are among those marketers who are not deriving the results that you are looking for, then you might be making the mistake of not measuring the performance of your email marketing campaign. Even if you are having the right SMTP server for bulk emails, and a strong email marketing campaign, if you are not measuring and checking the right metrics, you may not get the expected results.

Email marketing metrics to know

What are those metrics that you need to look for? Here’s what you need to know.

Click-through rate (CTR)

This particular metric helps you to identify how many people have clicked the link in your email, one of the most important metrics to identify the performance of your email campaign.

Open rate

What you’re doing here is tracking the number of email subscribers, those who have opened any specific email. With the help of open rate, you can identify how engaged your subscribers are, and how well your subject lines are formed.

Conversion rate

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With every email, you want your receivers to take some specific action, and this is where knowing the conversion rate makes absolute sense. With the help of conversion rate, you can come to know how many people opened your email and took the specific action.

Bounce rate

Here, you are going to know about the quality of your subscriber’s list. Bounce rate helps you track how many emails were sent but not recied by your subscribers, if your email bounce rate is high, you’re more likely to have an email list of fake subscribers.

Measuring unsubscribers

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After receiving an email from you, some people can unsubscribe and knowing this number is highly important. When you see people unsubscribing, this can be frustrating experience. But, on the other hand, it is important to note that you are filtering your email list.

List growth rate

Your email list needs to grow consistently with the right subscribers, growth rate of list is easy to track and it is important to find more loyal subscribers in your email list.

Engagement over time

One of the most common questions asked by email marketers- what-s the right time to send email? Well, this can be identified with the help of tracking engagement over time. You can come to know about the time you are getting the highest click rates for emails.

Forwarding rate

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With this, you can come to know how many brand advocates you have. Forwarding rate provides you with the details on how many people have either shared your social media posts or have forwarded your email to someone.

Develop brand advocates, it’s a brilliant email marketing strategy.


This needs to be tracked by every email marketer, it tells you the whole story how your email campaigns are performing.

The bottom line

Tracking these metrics is crucial to know the performance of your email campaigns. On the other hand, you can come to know if there are any specific changes that you need to make in your emails. Track these metrics and make your email marketing more and more successful.