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Doing the email marketing right is a puzzle, and our SMTP services can help you resolve it! Being a reliable SMTP service provider in India, we understand your unique email marketing needs, and with our truly secured SMTP services, you can focus on doing what is more important - building your business!

We have got you covered with some cost-effective SMTP server plans, you can feel free to choose the one that best fits your business goals!

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6.5% Transaction Fee Applicable





6.5% Transaction Fee Applicable




6.5% Transaction Fee Applicable




6.5% Transaction Fee Applicable

SMTP Services That Simplify Bulk Email Marketing Services in India

Sending a large volume of emails is a hard nut to crack, our SMTP server for bulk email marketing services in India simplifies your email marketing while streamlining your business activities. This, in turn, allows you to have more time for what’s more important- planning, strategizing, and implementing processes that automate your business and increase the overall profitability of your business.

Why Choose Mails2inbox?

As a leading SMTP server for bulk emails service provider in India, we are capable of offering long-term solutions that meet your needs. We understand the importance of marketing and how reliable an economical SMTP server has to be.

Recognizable SMTP

Being a recognizable SMTP service bulk mail provider in India, we are dedicated to provide you with long-term business solutions through trusted, secure, reliable, and scalable SMTP bulk email services in India that aligns with your email marketing needs.


Optimized Server

A fully optimized SMTP server that is uninterrupted and highly responsive, the best fit for your business and bulk SMTP email service.

Efficient SMTP

A highly efficient SMTP server that can easily deliver hundreds of thousands of emails in a month, all directly to your customer’s inbox! 

Effortless Connection

Connect with your audience with bulk email server provider effortlessly, it’s a comprehensive solution for transactional as well as bulk emails.

Flexible Plans

Flexible service plans, more options for you to choose the one that best fits your business and email marketing needs.

Support Team

A team of dedicated agents to provide you with unparalleled support while resolving all your queries and concerns.

What’s New About Our Services

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SMTP Servers That Serve The Purpose!

When it comes to connecting with your customers, it is important to ensure that your communications are streamlined- there is no room for interruption. Bulk email marketing becomes difficult for businesses, especially when there is a large volume of emails that are needed to be sent.

This is where Mails2Inbox comes out to play! Our SMTP server for bulk emails marketing server hosting ensures that your communications with your valuable customers remain seamless, and your needs are addressed.

Our SMTP server for bulk emailing plans are designed to meet your business needs. From SMBs to Fortune 500 companies, we have something for everyone!

The challenge for mass mail campaigns is not just in the creation of an attention-grabbing email, but it is the distribution that can massively hamper a business’ ability to succeed. In fact, most email servers are designed to push a certain no of messages on a daily basis.

Marketing is not just about crafting a compelling message that will attract audience attention, but it is about getting the message to both the existing customers as well as the potential clients of your business. And for that to happen, your business needs an affordable and reliable bulk email marketing software or tool. And that is precisely the task that is fulfilled by Mails2inbox.

The bigger one’s campaign, the more likely it is to fail. That is why choosing a reliable SMTP server service provider is so essential for marketing. Mails2inbox SMTP server can easily bypass ISP regulations and is fully Anti-Spam Compliant on efficient, high-performance servers which makes sure maximum deliverability of your emails.

Our email marketing support specialists keep watch on the IP addresses and provide assistance with delisting and removal of blacklists to ensure that email deliverability rates do not get affected.

With our robust and reliable server in place, you can be assured that the right tools and technologies are implemented. And, your emails get received by your customers at the right time. Moreover, it can help to simplify more of your business tasks as you get the time to put efforts where they are required the most.


Most frequent questions and answers

If you want to set up your own dedicated email server, Mails2Inbox will surely help. We are here to help you accomplish your server goals. Generally, your cloud server will take a few minutes after order verification. These dedicated servers will be provisioned within 8-24 hours. For more details on this, you can contact our customer support team and our professionals will help you understand the entire process with ease.

If you choose these plans with other SMTP email server marketing providers, you will surely enjoy the following benefits:

  • Simplicity
  • Quick delivery of the mail
  • Reliability
  • Dedicated server options
  • Relatively cheaper
  • Maintenance of report and track mail

Yes! The daily and hourly restrictions on the email sent via the SMTP server depending on your plan. So, contact our customer support team and understand how it works.

Well, it is a win-win situation for email marketers and end-user to have multiple SMTP relays for email marketing. You will surely get the following benefits:

  • Boost return on investment
  • Strengthen your customer targeting
  • Better email delivery and performance
  • Eliminate redundant features and mistakes
  • Enhance marketing performance

We keep scanning our servers regularly to run them through vulnerability checks. For us, trust is foremost and we understand your concerns about the protection of sensitive customer data. We never sell your data to third parties in any form. Only a handful of people from our team will have access to your email servers for troubleshooting. We also record their sessions for further monitoring. Our hosting providers are very strict when it comes to security. Moreover, we keep in touch with our customers to learn what they expect from our services and this helps us to provide our customers with the best email marketing services. For the usage policy, you can contact our professionals and they will help you understand the usage policy based on the plan you choose.

At Mails2Inbox, we accept all the payment methods such as PayPal, offline payment, and payment through debit and credit cards.

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