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If you are doing email marketing with all your efforts, the right design and content, you have an SMTP server for bulk emails in place, and if it’s not resulting in opens and clicks, something needs to be done. When we talk about email marketing, it’s more than just sending emails in bulk, it’s a way to build your brand personality, it helps you develop relationships with your customers, and it helps you sell. Luckily, there are some simple ways with the help of which you can increase the open and click rates and one of them is to use emojis effectively. It is believed by email marketing experts that emojis are a great way to enhance engagement, and also reflect your brand as friendly!

Using emojis in your emails

Check out these important tips!

First, check emojis across all devices

Using emojis needs to be meaningful, the type of emojis can be different on the basis of devices, social media platforms, some of them are identical while others can look different and change the entire meaning of your message. It is important to check how your emojis are looking across devices before you shoot emails. There are some online sources that allow you to search emojis on the basis of name or category, and you can see how those emojis look on various devices including Android and iOS, Microsoft, Gmail, and others.

Ensure clear meaning

Okay, so your emojis look great across all devices and now you’re happy with the look and feel. But, a highly important thing that you need to focus on is the meaning of emojis.

For instance, if you are talking about empowerment with the help of the “Punch” emoji, this might be clear in your mind why you are using it. But, some people may read it as a punch in the face, and it becomes important to be very careful with the choice of emojis.

Keep your tone and emojis positive

Yes, you have a wide range of emojis to choose from, and using the right ones makes absolute sense. Remember, people don’t want to see your content or use of emojis reflecting sad and negative feelings, they want it to feel happy and friendly. So, make sure that you convey happy emotions and it will help you sell more.

Reflect your product and brand

One right way to use emojis is to reflect your product and brand, be careful here as well with the choice of emojis. A simple example here is Dominos using the emoji of pizza, or if you have a cosmetic product range, you can use some beautiful face and lipstick emojis in your email content.

With the help of emojis that reflect your products, you are creating a positive image and brand guidelines, a great practice to use emojis in emails.

Don’t make emojis a replacement of words

One of the most common mistakes made by email marketers, replacing words with emojis is never a good practice. Your emojis should be a reflection of what you have said completely, completing a sentence, for example. Also, avoid using them everywhere, too much of anything is never good, and emojis are no exception.

Final words

Using emojis is the right practice to make people open and click your email, given that you use them in the right way as mentioned above. Try them and make your email marketing more and more effective.

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