Some important things to remember while segmenting your email list

When it comes to email marketing, results are all what matter. Once you have made your mind to run an email marketing campaign and you have made all the investments and implementation needed for the SMTP server for bulk emails, still there is a lot to mull over.

Those who are new to the email marketing game may find it difficult to figure out a step-by-step way to get things done. What will be the very first thought to strike in the minds of the email recipient? How will they react? Will they open the email and take the required action?

There are plenty of questions to be answered.

Well, all these answers can be found doing one thing in the right way, and that is segmenting your email list.

Why segment your email list?

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Now, if you are a newbie to email marketing, you must be wondering what email list segmentation can do. Well, here’s what you need to know.

Improved campaign results

As mentioned earlier, results are all that matter, if your email list is segmented, you are sending emails to the relevant audience, the people who are more likely to open your email.

With the help of the rightly segmented list, you are more likely to improve click-through rate as well as conversions.

Improved deliverability

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The performance of your email marketing is sure to impact your sender reputation. This means, your emails are more likely to end up in spam if your list is not properly segmented. Do it right and you can avoid harming your performance statistics.

We have already got you covered with some pro tips to improve email marketing deliverability

Types of email marketing list segmentation

  • Geographic- Knowing where your contacts are located.
  • Demographic- Utilizing the right information- where your contacts are based.
  • Psychographic- Knowing the personalities and subjective characteristics.
  • Behavioral- How these contacts have interacted with your business in the past.

Email segmentation ideas that actually work

Check out these ideas to segment your email list

Know the devices

You can improve your email marketing campaign experience with the help of tools and technologies available today. You can figure out what devices are being used to open your email, so as the people who use desktops, it’s time to optimize as per their preferences.

Timing is important

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How people interact with your business can differ, knowing the right timing can make all the difference. At what time do your subscribers engage the most? if you have been able to figure out the right time, you can divide your list in different groups as per the timing preferences.

Location matters

For those who have multiple stores and are selling to different locations, knowing the place where most or least sales are happening, is important. This will allow you to get more precise data about your target audience.

Product interest

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You never know whether a particular contact is interested in buying your product or not.

Hence, sending the email to the same contact list, time and time again is something that is not going to help. Know what people are interested in, and you will be able to target a specific audience.

The bottom line

Hope these tips help you make the right segmentation of your email list, and you can make your email campaigns a grand success.