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Holidays are here, the time to share love and create memories, hence, more and more people are going to shop online. It’s time for businesses to make sales happen, and what can be more effective than email marketing, a marketing channel trusted by experts.

Well, businesses are well aware of the effectiveness and benefits of email marketing, the key is to do it right. Many businesses may not be able to reap the best benefits from email marketing during holidays as there are some key things to remember while creating holiday emails. If you are among those who are wondering how you need to create an effective holiday email, then you have come to the right place.

How to create an effective holiday email that works?

Check out these important tips and make this holiday a great season.

It all starts with a subject line

The importance of a catchy subject line can never be neglected. After all, the subject line is the first thing that your audience is going to see after receiving an email. Remember that people are going to get bombarded by email during holidays, and this makes having a catchy subject line more and more important. When you keep it short, make it attention-grabbing, and

Some examples;

Christmas email subject lines

  • “Sleigh with these great 🎁🎁!”
  • “Be a little s🧝ish this Christmas” –  great for spa treatments or BOGO offers
  • “We’ve got what you’re dreaming of”
  • “Are you ready for 🎅?”
  • “Stuff your 🧦 … “ – great for stocking stuffer ideas, or finish it off with: “without emptying your wallet” for sales or discounts

New year subject line examples:

  • Invitation for you: Join our Secret Sale
  • Wait…you missed this? 🎁🎁
  • New year, new {organized} you
  • Free what? 🎁🎁
  • Can’t go wrong with this New Year’s resolution
  • The best of 2021 🎁🎁 (and a hint at what’s to come)

How do your taglines look like?

When we talk about some of the finest holiday movies, they always have a tagline, it must be used for teasing the content of your email. Just like tag lines of movies. The tagline should give your readers an idea of what you are offering, the tagline should give your readers an idea of what you are offering, think about a creative and catchy tagline and it will surely grab attention.

Choosing the right images

The choice is images matters a lot, it needs to support your message in a very powerful way. There are various sources from where you can avail images. Moreover, it is important to have your own holiday images, the ones that provide the right, and relevant information regarding your offer and products.

Clear text is a must

When it comes to the length of holiday email, you may find plenty of suggestions, experts suggest that it should be 20 lines or less, and it will achieve desired engagement.

Ultimately, the length of your email depends on your specific goals.

Call to action

The role of call to action can’t be neglected; it is an important part of email marketing. Regardless of the type of your email (holiday or promotional), include in your email the right link, button, or a clear next step.

Also, ensure that people reach where they are intended to when they hit a click on the call to action button.

The bottom line

Keep these tips and tricks in mind and your holiday email marketing will surely serve its purpose. Also, if you are doing bulk email marketing, we at Mails2Inbox are the best SMTP service provider in India, connect with us to find a plan that best fits your business needs.

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