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From educating the audience to informing them about the products and services, brands around the globe are utilizing email marketing for endless purposes and goals. Newsletters are common, but are they becoming boring? Of course, for those who are working on email marketing, this may sound blasphemous. But, it is a mere fact that there are many newsletters that don’t really catch the eyeballs and interest of people, they are boring.

How do you know if your newsletter is one of them? How do you know if your newsletter is getting read or getting deleted? And, how can you fix it? If you are wondering the same, then you have come to the right place.

Some newsletter mistakes to avoid.

Check out these common mistakes and fix them to obtain effective results.

Avoid talking about yourself too much

Email marketing

Some marketers may think that newsletters need to be talking about their products and their business, and this is a common mistake. When you talk too much about your business, people may lose interest. It is important to realize when people subscribe and stay subscribed, it is when there is something in it for them.

Think about the type of email that you will like to read. Should this be about what the people in the company had together at the dinner? Or, it must have come content and resources that are useful for you?

All your focus on sale

Focusing too much on promotion or sales is another way to boost the number of subscribers. Email marketing is surely an effective way to boost ROI, but a newsletter is not the right place where you need to focus on direct, aggressive sales.

So, what do you need to do here? Well, the newsletter is the place where you need to establish your brand and earn trust and respect. As mentioned in the previous point, your newsletter needs to have helpful resources, the newsletter is one such game that you need to play for a long and build your community and brand.

Going aimless

Email marketing

What is your goal behind any particular email that you send? Every email needs to have a goal, you need to include an obvious action that you want your readers to take, yeah, you’re right, that’s your call to action.

For instance, if you want your readers to read your blogs, it is important to add a direct button that takes your readers to your blog page. Another way people can take your email wrong is when you have too many calls to action. If you are including too many links to your blog, people may find it confusing- which one to click?

Not segmenting your audience

Email marketing

One of the most common mistakes made by email marketers, not segmenting the audience is an easy way to lose some more subscribers. More than 56% of people say that they will want to unsubscribe if they get content that is not relevant to them. We have already got you covered with some handy information on segmenting your email list.

Not monitoring results

Yet another reason why so many email marketers fail, only sending the emails in bulk won’t solve the purpose. You need to monitor results timely so that you can make the necessary changes and bring your emails on track.

The bottom line

Keep these newsletter mistakes away and make your email marketing more and more successful.  Also, if you are doing bulk email marketing, we at Mails2Inbox are the best SMTP service provider in India, connect with us to find a plan that best fits your business needs.

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